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The "Baby Boomer Market Opportunity Analysis" sheds a light on who the boomer generation really is and how to reach them effectively. The baby boomer generation is the most powerful economic driver in the US and global markets, yet only 5% of marketing budgets are spent attracting the attention of this highly valuable demographic.

If you are marketing to boomers but unsure your targeting is on point, download the “Baby Boomer Market Opportunity Analysis”, the most comprehensive research on the Baby Boomer market online today.

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Opportunities await savvy brands within this powerful consumer niche.

In this 44 page market analysis, you will learn:

  • Boomers own 63% of all financial assets in the U.S. and account for 49% of all consumer packaged good sales 

  • The bulk of boomer spending comes from housing, transportation, and insurance.

  • Boomers control nearly $18 trillion in assets and will maintain control of over $20 trillion from 2020 through 2030

  • In consumer & packaged goods – a $670B industry in the U.S. – boomers accounted for half of all sales but only received five percent of all ad dollars

  • Marketers who craft messages to unique personas will see out sized returns in this massive demographic."


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Also included are 9 personas to help you improve your messaging:

  • Brenda “The Travel Bug”

  • Janet "Miss Active"

  • Jim "The Eternal Scholar"

  • Angelo "The Tech Guy"

  • Elaine "Number One Grandma"

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Liquid Lock Media is a social media agency that works with industry innovators, disruptors, movers and shakers; those who have a patient centered focus and burning passion to enhance the healthcare experience.

We specialize in baby boomers via paid social, community, and persona development. From pharma companies, biotech, insurance, medical device, to behavioral science firms and more - we tap the baby boomer market using diverse mapping insights and precise, data driven targeting methodology.

Spark Evolution is an Inbound Marketing agency that partners with brands that are passionate about delivering health, vitality, and joy to the baby boomer generation.  Our clients: attract boomers at every stage of the buyer's journey with the right content delivered at the right time, increase conversion rates with scalable and personalized marketing experiences, decrease the cost of client acquisition, and provide real-time analytics on the metrics that matter to grow your vision.

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About The Authors

  • Maria "The Caregiver"

  • Brad "The Worker Bee"

  • Pauline "The Penny Pincher"

  • Ron “From Dad to Landlord”

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